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“Why did it cost more to have my pet groomed last time and less this time?” Every pet is an individual. They have good days and bad days, as we do! Some pets may need additional time due to these “bad days” and this does increase the cost of a groom. Also, some pets require additional de-matting, or a different style clip which will affect the price. Sometimes an owner may not keep up on regular brushing etc. in between grooms, so more time is required to complete the groom during the appointment. Heavier, larger dogs, dogs with disabilities etc may require two people, or the change in a complete daily schedule for one groomer to be certain the pet gets the extra attention he or she may require. There is a “base price" or "guide price" for each particular breed. This gives the customer some idea ahead of time what cost to expect in the end. Please note, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a groomer to make a definite quote on a dog they have never seen or groomed before. Each pet is an individual as your car would be to a mechanic! It is one thing to have a mechanic “meet” your car , inspect it and give you a quote before the work is complete – but even they too can never be certain until all is said and done. DOG GROOMING IS A SIMILAR SITUATION, BUT EVEN MORE DIFFICULT AS YOUR PET IS A LIVING, BREATHING, ANIMAL THAT IS DELICATE & FRAGILE TO AII INVOLVED. WHY GROOM YOUR DOG? Regular grooming promotes new growth in the coat to aid appearance and circulation. Removes parasites dirt and debris. It reduces risk of skin complaints. Unpleasant odors gone from the home. Prevents the coat becoming matted. Improves bonding. Improves your dog being handled. Most dogs require grooming every 8 to 12 weeks and wool coated dogs 4 to 6 weeks. Dogs with short coated breeds benefit from a wash. Payment: I only accept cheques or cash. Pets medical history must be disclosed when you bring your dog in. Heavily matted dogs will cost double the standard price the reason for this is that it puts a huge amount of sress on your dog and me as your groomer. It blunts blades that are costly, it takes a lot longer to sort out and a very unpleasant experience for your dog. HAND STRIPPING: Hand stripping contrary what breeders tell you is not aways right for your dog. Breeders are experts in their field and the dog they use are hand stripped regularly, weekly in fact. Yes clipping does change the coat. But so does the coat change when a dog is neutered or spayed? Yes. Im happy to hand strip your dog but only if the dog is happy for me to do so.

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